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How to stimulate your own powers of foresight. Consider the following thought provokers. Ask yourself, in these categories what are the brand new trends and forces? Which are the ones growing in importance? Which current forces are loosing their steam? Which have peaked or are reversing themselves? Which are the "wildcards" about to disrupt us in the future? POLITICAL AND TECHNICAL thought for food: Electronics, Materials, Energy, Fossil, Nuclear, Alternative, Other, Manufacturing (techniques), Agriculture, Machinery and Equipment, Distribution, Transportation (Urban, Mass, Personal, Surface, Sea, Subsurface, Space), Communication (Printed, Spoken, Interactive, Media), Computers (Information, Knowledge, Storage & Retrieval, Design, Network Resources), Post-Cold War, Third World, Conflict (Local, Regional, Global), Arms Limitation, Undeclared Wars, Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Governments (More/Less Power and Larger or Smaller Scale), Taxes, Isms: Nationalism, Regionalism, Protectionism, Populism, Cartels, Multinational Corporations, Balance of Trade, Third Party Payments, Regulations (OSHA, etc.) Environmental Impact, U.S. Prestige Abroad. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC Food for thought: Labor Movements, Unemployment / Employment Cycles, Recession, Employment Patterns, Work Hours / Schedules, Fringe Benefits, Management Approaches, Accounting Policies, Productivity, Energy Costs, Balance of Payments, Inflation, Taxes, Rates of Real Growth, Distribution of Wealth, Capital Availability and Costs, Reliability of Forecasts, Raw Materials, Availability and Costs, Global versus National Economy, Market versus Planned Economies, Generations: Y, X, Boomers, Elderly, Urban vs. Rural Lifestyles, Affluent vs. Poor, Neighborhoods and Communities, Planned or Organic Growth. Got Knowledge?

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The Journal of 2020 Foresight
Friday, July 19, 2002  


Chapter One: Basecamp

By Steve Howard, CKO
The Knowledge Labs

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Basecamp
Chapter Two: The Ridge
Chapter Three: The Outpost
Chapter Four: The Tribal Territories

“Light travels through space at a constant 186,281 miles per second. The laws of the universe dictate this speed with no deviation. Humans travel through life without the benefit of a fixed velocity. We move at a variable rate that fluctuates according to our capacity for assimilating new information and influences. How well we absorb the implications of change dramatically affects the rate at which we successfully manage the challenges we face, both individually and collectively. When our perceived abilities and willingness to accomplish a task exceed or fall short of the dangers and opportunities we encounter, a disruption in our expectations results...."

Daryl Conner, Managing at the Speed of Change.

From Lost Explorers Journal

“JULY 9 :TGIF, Day Four and the End of the First Week.

I squeezed the resume writing and refinancing paperwork between the morning orientation session to outplacement and the 4 p.m. appointment with the loan representative.

Sporadically I called my first wave of friends. They are the ones who are most forgiving as I stumble through my story of what happened.

Beach time Questionnaire

July 11: Weekend on the Beach:

By week's end I had signed up for unemployment, contacted 5 people in my network, written a resume, and filled out re-financing materials.

I kicked off my leveraged job search.

I heard about one job lead and could heave a sigh of relief by the weekend since my priority list was all checked off and my stress was significantly reduced.

My networking was puny, and continued off to a slow start of only 25 by the end of the next week.

My counselor had approved my resume and said because I had a short time period that most of the calendar events were what I already knew about.

The value of networking, answering interviewing questions. While valuable, they would take up precious blocks of time away from my search.

She handed me a questionnaire, which I answered at the beach.”

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