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How to stimulate your own powers of foresight. Consider the following thought provokers. Ask yourself, in these categories what are the brand new trends and forces? Which are the ones growing in importance? Which current forces are loosing their steam? Which have peaked or are reversing themselves? Which are the "wildcards" about to disrupt us in the future? POLITICAL AND TECHNICAL thought for food: Electronics, Materials, Energy, Fossil, Nuclear, Alternative, Other, Manufacturing (techniques), Agriculture, Machinery and Equipment, Distribution, Transportation (Urban, Mass, Personal, Surface, Sea, Subsurface, Space), Communication (Printed, Spoken, Interactive, Media), Computers (Information, Knowledge, Storage & Retrieval, Design, Network Resources), Post-Cold War, Third World, Conflict (Local, Regional, Global), Arms Limitation, Undeclared Wars, Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Governments (More/Less Power and Larger or Smaller Scale), Taxes, Isms: Nationalism, Regionalism, Protectionism, Populism, Cartels, Multinational Corporations, Balance of Trade, Third Party Payments, Regulations (OSHA, etc.) Environmental Impact, U.S. Prestige Abroad. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC Food for thought: Labor Movements, Unemployment / Employment Cycles, Recession, Employment Patterns, Work Hours / Schedules, Fringe Benefits, Management Approaches, Accounting Policies, Productivity, Energy Costs, Balance of Payments, Inflation, Taxes, Rates of Real Growth, Distribution of Wealth, Capital Availability and Costs, Reliability of Forecasts, Raw Materials, Availability and Costs, Global versus National Economy, Market versus Planned Economies, Generations: Y, X, Boomers, Elderly, Urban vs. Rural Lifestyles, Affluent vs. Poor, Neighborhoods and Communities, Planned or Organic Growth. Got Knowledge?

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The Journal of 2020 Foresight
Wednesday, July 03, 2002  

Wild Seeds and Fresh Perspectives

Chapter One: Basecamp

By Steve Howard, CKO
The Knowledge Labs

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Basecamp
Chapter Two: The Ridge
Chapter Three: The Outpost
Chapter Four: The Tribal Territories

Vacations are wilderness gardens. They grow the wild seeds of momentous change in our lives.

You map out an itinerary to get started. You hit the road with too much gear and food. Something important is always left behind. But, as each day passes you shed the habits of your life and become open to the adventures, grand and small, afforded you.

The new scenery. The glitches unplanned for -- which back home might have you stressed out – but, on vacation are dispatched with a smile. You run into helpful, friendly people.

Local guides to narrow choices and to give you that extra measure of fun, challenge, and pleasure. You forget your past life. You take on another. You notice and hear new things. You see things in a new light.

More from the “Learning Expedition’s Journal.”

“Ships Log 2:01 a.m.

I don't know exactly where I am -- or we are. I feel like a lost explorer adrift in this endless night. The captain said to just stay the course. Oh, yeah. I should awaken him if anything peculiar happened.

Great! What hasn't been peculiar?

This is my 3-hour watch.

Everyone else is asleep down below. I don't know how I let myself get talked into this expedition.

Do you ever get used to the chaotic, rolling motion?

If you turn around and look over your shoulder, you see a black velvet curtain where once mainland stood so prominently.

Actually, at this time of night you can't be sure which direction is forward and which direction is backwards.

If you lift your gaze upwards towards the heavens, you can't help but feel insignificant.

A billion trillion stars sparkle.

That is until the bank of ominous clouds closes in quickly.

Just imagine how much planet space the oceans cover.

And just think about how we're just a speck on the surface of bobbing and weaving, tacking back and forth.

But fathoms below ....

It's easy to imagine the moments of danger and panic seafarers experienced during storms with those gale force winds.

The helplessness.

Completely at the mercy of nature.

Strange sounds pull you back from your moment of solitude. Creaking and groaning. Relentless waves pounding a lonely rhythm.

What if an unexpected wave suddenly shoots over the side rail and washes you into the dark ocean, while everyone else just sleeps?

They'd never find you.

Makes you start thinking again.

Outside of your small circle of family and friends, would anyone really miss you?

All the petty stuff filling up your life -- what does it all add up to?

What is really important?

What's your life all about?”

That journal focused me on three core questions. They suddenly bubbled to the surface when I put the journal down on the night stand. I grabbed a pen and pad and wrote:

Can you really make a difference in a way that truly matters?

Is it really possible to find meaning doing what you love to do?

While being successful at the same time?”

So maybe, these questions framed my purpose. Clearly I had begun. I was here on my vacation. Now, I had a purpose.

And, a map of variables to play with as I design the next chapter of my life.

Hmm. What’s next, I thought?

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