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How to stimulate your own powers of foresight. Consider the following thought provokers. Ask yourself, in these categories what are the brand new trends and forces? Which are the ones growing in importance? Which current forces are loosing their steam? Which have peaked or are reversing themselves? Which are the "wildcards" about to disrupt us in the future? POLITICAL AND TECHNICAL thought for food: Electronics, Materials, Energy, Fossil, Nuclear, Alternative, Other, Manufacturing (techniques), Agriculture, Machinery and Equipment, Distribution, Transportation (Urban, Mass, Personal, Surface, Sea, Subsurface, Space), Communication (Printed, Spoken, Interactive, Media), Computers (Information, Knowledge, Storage & Retrieval, Design, Network Resources), Post-Cold War, Third World, Conflict (Local, Regional, Global), Arms Limitation, Undeclared Wars, Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Governments (More/Less Power and Larger or Smaller Scale), Taxes, Isms: Nationalism, Regionalism, Protectionism, Populism, Cartels, Multinational Corporations, Balance of Trade, Third Party Payments, Regulations (OSHA, etc.) Environmental Impact, U.S. Prestige Abroad. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC Food for thought: Labor Movements, Unemployment / Employment Cycles, Recession, Employment Patterns, Work Hours / Schedules, Fringe Benefits, Management Approaches, Accounting Policies, Productivity, Energy Costs, Balance of Payments, Inflation, Taxes, Rates of Real Growth, Distribution of Wealth, Capital Availability and Costs, Reliability of Forecasts, Raw Materials, Availability and Costs, Global versus National Economy, Market versus Planned Economies, Generations: Y, X, Boomers, Elderly, Urban vs. Rural Lifestyles, Affluent vs. Poor, Neighborhoods and Communities, Planned or Organic Growth. Got Knowledge?

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The Journal of 2020 Foresight
Friday, December 02, 2005  

What’s It All About? Two Bits for an Adventure on the Way to Greendale

Chapter Four: The Tribal Territories

By Steve Howard, CKO
The Knowledge Labs

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Basecamp
Chapter Two: The Ridge
Chapter Three: The Outpost
Chapter Four: The Tribal Territories

“If there is a huge map, which there is, that just shows Greendale, very little over here, there’s mountains and farms, over there, there’s an ocean…. Well, Greendale is a nice town, but it has its quirks….“

Neil Young & Crazy Horse “Greendale”

DOUBLE NICKEL RANCH. Closed to all but members and past participants, the first ever 55 Rendezvous continues online. For a brief time the ranch became home to explorers from all walks of life -- and from almost all stages of life.

Journal of 2020 Foresight: I’m going to ask each of you – the road trip members of the Corps of Re-discovery -- the same opening question. Why the Double Nickel Ranch and what do you take away from the experience?

Pathfinder: Well first of all, to me, the Double Nickel represented both the speed limit we never obeyed – this isn't being recorded is it? And, it signifies an age – extended mid-life – pre-retirement, if you will -- when you’ve got enough of life’s experience under your belt that you’ve been there and done just about everything there is to do.

J2020F: So it’s the draw of the open road – the age-old path to finding yourself with no guides or maps telling you or showing you a way. And it marks a time for a generation of 78 million at a crossroads in their life, right?

Pathfinder: Yes, but don’t forget we hosted quite a few from the other huge demographic – “the twenty-somethings” – the 80 million that fit the target demographic for “Road Trip Nation” on PBS.

J2020F: For the “double-nickel” generation, it’s about re-discovering passions buried beneath layers of work and family responsibilities.

Pathfinder: And, for the “quarter” generation, it’s about “discovering their distinct talents, passions, and idiosyncrasies” – and enjoying the freedom of not knowing where life will take them for the time being.

J2020F: So, both are in a life transition. The “quarter” generation experiences life in the prolonged school to work transition, while the “double nickel” generation comes to grip with their own mortality.

Pathfinder: One generation stretched it’s wings to leave the nest and to fly on it’s own and start another nest – renting at first with other “Friends.” The other’s figuring out just what to do about their empty-nest.

J2020F: You know, what I found fascinating was how they traded life stories without resorting to parent-teacher roles. Maybe it was the whole Mountain Man Rendezvous theme – spinning yarns and trying to top one and another?

Pathfinder: Yeah. What struck me – and is my answer to the second part of your question – the conversations turned to big picture topics and I realized a good number of double-nickel-ers wouldn’t mind returning to a university campus experience – while the “quarter-ers” wanted to get out of town ripe for new adventures.

J2020F: Big picture?

Pathfinder: Sure, the-- What’s-It-All-About? -- questions

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